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Chiara Italiano

My love for Ireland started in 1991 with U2’S album Rattle and Hum, given to me on a cassette tape by one of my best friends. From then on, it was meant to be… I first came over to Ireland in 2001, taking an unexpected gap year from the Università degli Studi di Milano. My level of communication with the “locals” being limited by my level of English which at that time was very basic.

My relationship with other languages was up to that point confined to my neighbours, “the French”, having studied French since primary school. Fortunately, Dublin at that time was “booming” so I was not alone, I met many other “Europeans” with the same problem: here in Dublin in 2001 I finally mastered my knowledge of French. A competence in English was still a pipe-dream. I went back to Italy thinking I’ve just lived in a wetter but less frenetic Paris of the north! That year I met my Irish prince charming and the rest as they say is history!… 2013 was the right time to start a new adventure after a few years of being an Italian teacher.

So here I am, it is now 2019 and I am still here…

Nostalgic for my language and culture, I am going to share with you the beauty of my homeland, a land that shaped and is still shaping our common land, Europe. I will also share with you my endless love of words and boundless curiosity about language and culture.